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For Hearing People Only: Fourth Edition (Two Volumes)

For Hearing People Only: the 4th Edition is written for people who have questions about Deaf culture, sign language, and Deaf life in general, and need a quick answer. It is not intended to be an in-depth excursion into a vast and complex subject, but to provide accurate and provocative answers to over a hundred persistent questions. It is a handbook for beginners. Each chapter is designed as an independent unit focusing on one topic.

Deaf Reality

Deaf Reality 101

A basic guidebook for readers with no background, written in a simple, clear Q/A format, this is an updated revision of Deaf Life Press’s best-selling For Hearing People Only. Deaf Reality 101 makes a perfect gift for relatives, friends, teachers, students, co-workers, and students taking noncredit community-college courses. (Or yourself!)


HPO-4 Student's Workbook

Our best-selling book, For Hearing People Only Fourth Edition, now has a companion—the Student’s Workbook. It can be used for either self-guided instruction or in conjunction with a formal high-school or college course.

FT Book

From Oaks To Acorns

Promoting Deaf Youth Leadership
through Multigenerational Engagement

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