Deaf Life Press at DeafStore

For Customers Only

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Terms of Sale

Collect shipping preferred

We encourage wholesale customers to use UPS Ground Collect shipping. Many of our wholesale customers prefer to use this, as they’re eligible for discounts from UPS. It also makes invoicing easier for us. On Collect orders, our handling fee is waived. UPS is our preferred carrier. Other carriers, such as Purolator for Canadian shipments, are okay.

Non-Collect shipping

Some wholesale customers prefer that shipping charges be billed to our UPS account (non-collect shipping). On non-collect orders, we charge applicable UPS rates plus a handling fee of $10.00 per carton.

Rush orders

We can accommodate rush orders, such as UPS Next Day Air (overnight) or Second Day Air. S&H rates for rush orders are calculated in accordance with UPS’ current shipping-rate charts. Our handling charge remains the same for non-collect Ground or Air shipping: $10.00 per carton.


We encourage our customers to place credit-card orders. We do accept personal and business checks, but processing takes longer since we may need to wait after the check is deposited to make sure it clears the bank. Orders must be prepaid, including schools, colleges, and universities using purchase orders, with the exception of established customers who have good records with us. Rush orders should not be paid via check. If you want a rush order, please use your credit card.


Only retail customers ordering in New York State have to pay the 8.25% New York State sales tax. Out-of-state orders do NOT need to include this tax. We will calculate the correct tax on all retail New York State orders paid via credit card.

Bad checks

We charge a standard penalty of $35.00 for each bad check returned by our bank. This includes bounced checks, stop-payments, or checks that are otherwise dishonored.

Embargoed orders

All previous orders from a store, whether independently owned or part of a chain, must be paid in full before a new order can be filled, even if the new order is to be prepaid. We cannot process any new orders from stores that have unpaid or partially-paid orders on file. Nor can we fill any orders for retail customers who have a bad record with us.

Confirmation of orders

Whenever possible, we E-mail wholesale customers to let them know that their order has been filled and is being shipped. This also applies to retail customers who have placed high-urgency orders.


Any customer who wants confirmation of the total cost of an order BEFORE we process it need only ask, and we’ll provide it.


Credit-card receipts and “PAID” invoices are enclosed with each prepaid shipment.

To avoid delays

Indicate the quantity of books you want. Make sure your credit-card data is correct and complete. Missing and erroneously typed digits cause additional delays. Don’t forget to include the expiration date. Include your UPS-account number (for Collect shipping on quantity orders).

Contact information

Fax us at 585-442-6371, or contact us. Wholesale customers are welcome to fax their purchase orders to us. These should include all of the data needed for online orders: P.O. number, name, ship-to address, quantity, shipping method, credit-card number, and UPS-account number.



We prefer not to deal with returns, since they add to our burden of paperwork. Stores that automatically return leftover stock at the end of a semester are asked to retain the books if the instructor plans to reorder the same title for a subsequent semester. Returns are discouraged, but we make exceptions for damaged and defectively bound books.

Returns from invoices marked as non-returnable (“NO RETURNS ACCEPTED”) are accepted only under the following conditions:

  1. Books must be in pristine (fresh and new) condition—still in their original shrink-wrap. We cannot give refunds for books that have been removed from their wrap, have residue of a price sticker on the cover, are marked, bent, handled, or otherwise shopworn.
  2. The store should communicate with us before returning any books.
  3. Returns should not be made on unpaid invoices (as when a class is canceled just as the semester begins). Any returns received on unpaid orders will be rebilled. Even if all books in an order are returned, the customer is still responsible for shipping and handling charges that calculated on non-collect orders, and for the restocking fee of $5.00 per copy.
  4. Proper documentation must be enclosed with the return. We need to know which invoice and P.O. the return is from.
  5. Books are shipped in pristine condition. Those that are found to be damaged on arrival due to rough handling during shipping can be returned for exchange only. The same applies to books that are defectively bound or printed (i.e., have missing or duplicated pages, or blotches of ink obliterating text).
  6. After we receive the return shipment, we will inspect it and issue a check for the value of the books, minus a $5.00 restocking fee for each copy. We will not enter a chargeback on your credit-card account—all refunds will be made through checks only.
  7. On chains that have delinquent accounts, no refund checks will be issued for returns. Instead, we will credit the appropriate amount against the chain’s current debt.
  8. No returns accepted on orders over eight (8) months old.